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Internet Enabled Thermostats
Available for residential and commercial applications

Internet Thermostat Web Enabled Thermostat Internet Enabled Thermostat

depending on thermostat model and service provider
Outside weather conditions and forecast can be
viewed right on the thermostat screen.
Can be accessed from anywhere via internet
or web enabled phone.

Occupancy sensors compatibility:thermostat will automatically
switch into "unoccupied" energy saving mode
if no persons are present in the controlled area.
Occupied and an occupied times and temperatures can be
programmed differently for each day of the week.

Multiple thermostats and sensors can be linked together
to create complete building automation network system.
View on line equipment and accessory status,
energy usage statistics,
diagnostic codes and more.

Receive immediate e-mail and SMS alerts:
Intrusion alert (with optional occupancy sensors),
Flood alert, Carbon monoxide, Smoke,
Critical temperature, Connection loss alert, and more.



Honeywell Prestige HD Thermostat

Honeywell HD Thermostat

High-Definition, Full Color Touch Screen Display -
Visual clarity of the display is three times better than typical thermostats.

Temperature Control on Demand -
Sense and make adjustments from anywhere in the home
(with optional Portable Comfort Control).
All-In-One Control -
Controls temperature and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ products)
such as humidifier, dehumidifier and electronic air cleaner
from a single control in the living space.

Outdoor Temperature/Humidity -
When used with optional Wireless Outdoor Sensor,
the outdoor temperature and humidity can be displayed on the screen.
Automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.





BLUE Easy Reader is the only thermostat with display numbers
and letters twice as large as other thermostats.

Homeowner-friendly language and mode buttons with one-touch
functionality and audio feed back for easy operation.
Super large numbers and letters-easy to view without glasses.
Intuitive operating choices-means nothing to learn.
Simple to use nonprogrammable thermostat-seven day programming available.



Honeywell VisionPRO™ 8000 Touchscreen
7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 Touchscreen 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Energy Savings
Program to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs.
#1 Choice of Homeowners
Honeywell is the leading brand in temperature control.
Effortless, Menu Driven Programming
Simplifies programming by responding to your choices.
Precise Comfort Control (+/-1°F)
Maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy.
Programmable Fan
Offers increased indoor air quality when combined with a Honeywell Whole-House Air Cleaner.
Change/Check Reminders
Let you know when to replace filters, batteries, etc.
Large, Clear Backlit Digital Display
Easy to read in various lighting conditions.
Real-Time Clock
Keeps time during power failures and automatically updates for daylight savings.
Multiple HOLD Options
Allows you to override the program schedule as desired, with temporary and vacation hold settings..
Touchscreen Interaction
5-Year Warranty



Honeywell FocusPRO™ 6000
5-1-1 Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell FocusPRO 6000 - 5-1-1 Day Programmable Thermostat

Energy Savings
Program to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs.
Built-in Instructions
Simple, pull-out instruction manual.
#1 Choice of Homeowners
Honeywell is the leading brand in temperature control.
Easy-Access Battery Replacement
Flip-out door allows for easy battery replacement without removing or disassembling the thermostat.
Precise Comfort Control (+/-1°F)
Maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy.
Display Size Options
Available in large screen (shown) or standard.
Weekday/Weekend Programming
Use as a 5-1-1 (weekdays, Saturday, Sunday) or 5-2 (weekdays, weekend) programmable thermostat, whichever best fits your lifestyle.
Large, Clear Backlit Digital Display
Easy to read in various lighting conditions.
5-Year Warranty



Totaline - P474-1035

Totaline - P474-1035

Large, Easy to Read Display with Exclusive Thermoglow™ Technology.
Works on Batteries or System Power.
Controls conventional Heat/Cool/Heat-pump/and Electric Heat Systems.
Extremely Easy to Operate and Program.
Can be used as Programmable and Non Programmable.
Controls Temperature to 1 degree.
Red/green Led indicates when Thermostat calls for Heat or Cool.
Low Battery Indicator.
Non Volatile Memory Keeps All Programming During Power Failure.
Battery Back-up Keeps Time Accurate.
Switchable Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Temperature Calibration and Adjustable Time Guards.
Compressor Short-cycle Protection.
Separate Weekday and Weekend Programs for Comfort and Energy Savings.
Energy Star Compliant.



Totaline Super Star - P474-1020 and P474-1050

Totaline Super Star - m# p474-1020 and p474-1050

Can be used as Programmable and Non Programmable.
Automatically Switches Between Heating and Cooling Modes.
"One for All"™ - Works with Virtually All Types of Equipment Including Two Stage.
All Programming and Set Points Stored in Non Volatile Memory.
Thermostat Locking-set points Can Only Be Adjusted by Authorized Individual When this Feature is On.
LED indicator Glows Green or Red to Indicate When Thermostat is Calling for Cooling or Heating.
Model p474-1020 Displays Outdoor Temperature when Optional Outdoor Sensor is Used.
Energy Star Compliant.



Totaline Wireless Thermostat Transmitter & Receiver

Totaline Wireless Thermostat

Wireless battery operated thermostat
Works with Single and 2-Stage Systems
Automatically switches between Heating and Cooling modes with Adjustable dead band
Adjustable temperature differential
Compatible with gas, electric, and heat pump systems
7 Day Programmable with 4 time periods per day
Up to 4 thermostats can be used with 1 receiver
Thermoglow Electro-luminous Display
Features compressor Short cycle protection
FCC approved: Does not interfere with other electronic devices
Transmits through walls and floors up to 500 feet



Robertshaw 9600 Digital Programmable Thermostat

Robertshaw 9600 Thermostat

5-2 Day Programmable (weekday-weekend): 1 Heat / 1 Cool
Adjustable Temperature Differential
Allows manual temperature adjustment
5 year factory warranty

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